Sunday, April 29, 2007

Libraries on the web

As we explore the vast family history resources now available on the Internet, let's look at state and federal government and public library websites. These websites are often full of links to digitized records both in their own facility and in other public libraries.

The list below is just a sampling of family history library sites you can find on the Internet. They are not in any special order but all contain family history resources. Make sure you look through the section headings on the web pages to find the genealogy sections. Many of not all of the state library sites will cross-link to each other, so you can go from library to library with the click of your mouse. Don't forget to drop bread crumbs along the way or you many never find that 'great' site again... i.e. Bookmark a 'great' site in your browser when you find it... you may never pass that way again otherwise...

1. Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory --- this is a long page of links -- click on the categories listed at the top of the page to save time, but be sure to scan through the entire page to get a flavor of the offerings..

2. Utah - Historical -- This site is full of records that will help you if you are researching ancestors in Utah.

3. Utah Digital Libraries -- A collection of digitized Utah Newspapers spanning 100 years in some cases.

4. U.S. Veteran Grave site Locator

5. State Family History Archives - Google

Do a Google Search with these words on the search line.... 'state family history archives ' (just the words)

While on Google ... also search for library family history archives I just found the burial record of a family member in Australia while writing this.... Try various combinations of words in your Google searches to narrow down the results, but be a little creative in your searches too... A year ago, I knocked down one of my 'brick walls' when I found a little library in Missouri that had the exact obituaries I needed ... on their web site.. Don't give up too early in reviewing the results of a Google or Altavista search... Remember to search by state or university name too.. i.e. USC family history genealogy..

6. BLM Land Patents -- I've found a lot of info about my homesteading ancestors here...

7. Google Books

I consider Google to be a big library. Thousands of books that are out of copyright have been scanned and are shown on Google. The books are often a gold mine for us family history researchers... Search for vital records by town, state... i.e. ' vital records of Salt Lake City, Utah ' also search for your ancestral name(s).. i.e. Campbell genealogy ... Print the pages that pertain to your family...

8. BRB Publications - Free links ...

This is a commercial documents company, but they have a very good links page that lists all state government websites related to public records.