Saturday, April 28, 2007

New views - new tools

There were several new resources published on the web recently...

Pedigree Resource File - Pedigree View

The LDS Church has made a needed update to the Pedigree Resource Files viewed on FamilySearch. As you recall, the Pedigree Resource Files replaced the older Ancestral File program. Unfortunately, even though the data in these files was easy to find on FamilySearch, you had to 'climb' the related family tree by clicking on the parents name, on
e at at time.. On Tuesday, 13 March, the church announced that they have now added a pedigree view for these records, so you can now see the associated pedigree for anyone in that specific file. The names are all hot linked, so you can click on them directly rather than having to click, click, click up and back to navigate the data.

See the announcement on the church's website.

Indentured Immigrant Servant Database

A commercial research site has added an index of indentured servants who came to America. I can't tell how complete the data is, but it is a great resource. Visit the Immigrant Servants site to search for your family. Look at the bottom of the search results screen for m
ore info on your 'hits'. Be aware that any additional information will only be supplied by the company who hosts the site on a fee basis.

Female Ancestors - Dating Photos by Clothing Styles

Do you have old family photos but don't have any idea what year they were taken? Here are three articles on the Family Tree Magazine website that will help you date them by looking at the style of the dresses worn in your photos...