Monday, May 7, 2007

Life Browser and other goodies

The folks in the FamilySearch Labs are at it again. I'm certainly happy to see the church turn this small group 'loose' to create wonderful web based tools for Family History Research.....

Recently, they asked for comments on a new tool they are creating called 'Life Browser'. When I looked at it, I immediately noted that it could be integrated with the new FamilySearch that I've been beta testing for the past year. I think you'll immediately see the possible 'magic' in the program. Go to the FamilySearch Labs website and click on 'Life Browser'. Turn up the sound on your speakers (one of the items has a voice / slide show) and browse away. Remember that ALL of the buttons, arrow heads, etc. on the site function or will function in the final product. If you loose the pedigree view while browsing, look for the little down arrow near the top left of the page and click on it to drop the pedigree frame back in place.

While you are on the FamilySearch Labs website, take a few minutes to look at the beta version of the Pedigree Viewer. I've mentioned this program earlier. Get ready to zoom around the pedigree by changing the views, highlighting direct lines, etc. Have fun. You can't hurt anything by clicking away..

Lastly, while on the site, be sure to click on the FamilySearch Indexing... Yes, this is a ploy on my part to get you interested in becoming an Indexer, but even if you can't at this time, visit anyway and see if there is anything of current interest...

If you see something that you like... tell the folks using the Feedback link on the page. If you see something that doesn't work... tell them about it. It is being designed for users and they enjoy getting input from the end users.