Saturday, July 21, 2007

Family Genie Toolbar

A new tool bar dedicated to family history research called 'Family Genie' is now available for Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. The download link to it is found on Mario Hipol's blog,

I've used Mario's LDS research toolbar for some time. About two months ago I asked him if he'd ever considered creating a toolbar dedicated to family history research. He hadn't but the idea matched his own interests and now we have a wonderful tool to help us in our research.

Mario has written all the code and is personally paying for the hosting and downloading of the toolbar code out of his own pocket, so if you try it and like it, send him a donation. You'll find the link on the toolbar. He created the toolbar out of the goodness of his heart for folks like us, so please support him in a show of donation $ thanks.

I posted a comment about the toolbar on genealogy newsgroup site and fellow researchers started to try the new tool. After just a few of them started to use it, the word spread rapidly and the tool is becoming an overnight success.

Mario has already released an update for the toolbar and will continue to do so from time to time adding more links, features, etc. How does the saying go? ...... ah, yes.... 'Try it, you'll like it'.

Thanks go to Mario for 'Paying it Forward'.

Remember: TANSTAAFL (There ain't no such thing as a free lunch) Be sure to 'Pay it Forward' in some act of family history kindness too.


Mr. M said...

Hey Lee,

I was doing a linking search for the toolbar and I came across your blog. Thanks for the review and I appreciate your efforts in help make it come to life.

Anonymous said...

Check out as there is a genealogy toolbar there