Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Genealogy Research Deal

I talked to one of the folks at footnote today asking if they had any good 'deals'. It seems that I found the right person in the right situation because he gave me a short duration annual subscription 'deal' to for my blog readers. The offer only lasts through Sunday, November 18th, so if you have any friends or family who are interested, pass the info on to them. They might as well take advantage of it while it is available.

Hmmmm... It just thought about it making a great Christmas gift if you have a family member who is also into family history and history related research. It is that time of the year to be thinking of gifts and my mind tends to dwell on family history 'stuff'.

If you sign up, be sure to spotlight some images and write story pages about your ancestors or any other 'historical' event that you have information about. Here's a link to a story page that I wrote recently.