Saturday, May 10, 2008

Genealogists - Deal of the Year Revisited

In October 2007, I wrote about the 'Deal of the Year' that involved a one-year subscription to Ancestry as part of a Family Tree Maker software bundle.

Well, one of my friends has found a similar deal again. She said to check out the latest offering of the Family Tree Maker 16 Standard edition that includes a six-month subscription to Ancestry. I looked at the package and it looks like we have another 'Deal of the Year' at $10.49.

I've shortened the URL to the site to save you typing a long string of letters and numbers.

What is in the package?

The genealogy software is Family Tree Maker 16 Standard Edition. The rest of the package is as follows:

  • 6 Month Subscription to
The world's largest collection of family history information, is the ultimate resource for genealogy research. Features access to over 5 billion names, current and historical world images, records and much more. (Up to $180.00 Value!)
  • New! Official Family Tree Newsletter
This monthly newsletter contains tips and tricks to create one-of-a-kind family tree projects.
  • Concise Genealogy Dictionary
This specialized dictionary is a time-saving, essential quick-reference source geared to the needs of he genealogist who frequently encounters unfamiliar and obsolete terms while reading historical documents. ($14 Value!)
  • Official Family Tree Training DVD
Master the basics as the experts take you on a video guided tour through Family Tree Maker's key features. When you are done you will be able to share your information with other researchers through beautiful charts, heirloom quality books and a free homepage on the Internet. ($15 Value!)
  • Family Tree Workbook
An all-in-one teaching and recording tool for novice genealogists who need clear, easy-to-follow instructions and quick results. ($20 Value!)
  • 30 Minute Genealogy Consultation
Still have questions? Get quick and easy answers in minutes. A life expert genealogist is just a phone call away. ($60 Value!)

No, I don't have a tie to either Ancestry or the seller, but know that any relief in the prices associated with our Family History obsession is always welcome.

If you don't use Family Tree Maker, that is ok. I don't either. However, almost all of us can use an inexpensive subscription to Ancestry.

I don't know how many copies of the package are left, so if you have interest, you'll want to look at the package soon.

Flash Update: I've just been told that if you enter coupon code qwr2xy29, you'll get an additional $1.00 off the price.

Smokin' !