Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost In Google Books

I've delved into Google Books since the first day they appeared on the web. Knowing that the collection grows continually, I set aside time every month to cruise the byways of the site looking for new attractions and new rare book shops. Window shopping never fails to result in a 'sale' during these excursions. I find titles and subjects related to my genealogy research that I would never know about without this great research tool.gbooks

Much of this long Thanksgiving weekend was spent reading the books on one monitor while I entered data in my database on a second monitor.

Yes, there were plenty of normal holiday busyness activities that could have occupied my time, but while others were out running into each other trying to find bargains, I enjoyed the greatest bargain around ... reading the pages of books I couldn't afford and probably wouldn't travel to find. No bumping. No traffic. No co$t.

Life is good.

I've added over 2,000 additional sources to my data in the past two days from the Massachusetts vital records books on Google. I've added over 500 new cousins names and information from historical records this weekend too. My family history knowledgebase has expanded measurably.

If you haven't taken the time to make your own tour through the site for a while, put it on your schedule. You may want to ask 'Santa' for some uninterrupted time to enjoy your own Google Books journey.

However you arrange for time to make your visit, don't hesitate to make it happen.

Just go to to start your journey with a keyword search. Stretch your smile muscles and kiss the hours goodbye.

I find a comfortable pair of P.J.'s to be the best attire for my own forays into Google Books Land. I think you'll find a similar attire works best for you too.

Thanks Google! Merry Christmas to all the elves toiling away in your notoriously wonderful facilities who bring so much joy to so many.


Julie said...

My, my, Lee, you've been mighty busy! Congrats on all your wonderful finds. It hadn't even occured to me to search for vital record books...thanks for the tip!

Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

Thanks for the wonderful suggestion. Sounds like you had a fruitful Thanksgiving. :)


Dan Lynch said...

Ah yes, Google Books. It's always a toss up it seems between time spent on Google Books or Google Earth. Glad I wasn't the only one that skipped shopping and opted for genealogy.

If you haven't 'discovered' Google Books yet, might I also suggest Chapter 5 of Google Your Family Tree, my new book dedicated to using Google as a tool for genealogy.