Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fair Well Brother Watkins - 1 Oct 1900

October 1st found Charles Logie writing to his daughter Beatrice later in the evening. As usual, he applied his perpetual teasing and nicknames to everyone and everything including calling Beatrice “brother Watkins”. Watkins was undoubted an old boy friend or acquaintance.

Charles notes that Beatrice may move to the small town of Alpine for a short time, probably to visit with her two sisters and their families who lived there. Her teaching certificate should arrive before leaving for the visits.

The timing of mail deliveries were on the mind of grandma Logie. How regular were the postal deliveries in 1900? How long did it take a letter or package to travel 30 to 40 miles? Probably not much longer than today although the sorting and retransfer to the local post offices probably added a day or two to the total delivery time.

Oct 1st 1900

This is to certify that I Chas J. G. Logie did on Saturday Sept 29th send to your address in Salt Lake City one letter properly stamped & postman_old directed containing your Tooele certificate & dude Browns permition for you to reside in the Town of Alpine for a short space of time if you receive this letter please send us word Mother wants to Know at what time & how often they deliver the Mail at your house in one day have you seen Laura Boley She was to go to Salt Lake yesterday afternoon everything is the Same as usual we are well hope this will find you the Same. fair well brother Watkins Love to hall

C J.G. Logie

American Fork Oct 1 1900

nearly 8 O Clock