Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wikipedia and Dutch Occupations

Wikipedia County Lists

For some reason, I haven't been using Wikipedia effectively in the course of my ancestral research. I haven't searched the site for the counties of U. S. States. Search results provide not only maps of all the counties in a state, but census bureau stats, history of the county, information about the county seat and often the eytomology of the name of the county. All of the information is a boon to family history researchers.

To find counties in a state, go to and search for "List of counties in _____" and include the name of the state.

Occupations in Dutch & English

If you don't speak Dutch, reading census records is often difficult. It doesn't take very long to understand the relationship titles that are used repeatedly, but the words for occupations rarely easily convert to English phrasing. Here's a list of occupations in Dutch and their English translation to help you in your own ancestral quest.

Akkerbouwer - Farmer (without cattle)
Ambtenaar - Civil servant
Arbeider/Arbeidster - Laborer
Bakker - Baker
Bakkersknecht - Baker's assistant
Bediende - Servant
Beeldhouwer - Sculptor
Bierbrouwer - Brewer of beer
Bierhuishouder - Owner of a beerhouse
Blikslager - Tinsmith, tinker
Bloemist - Florist
Boekhouder - Bookkeeper
Boterfabrikant - Owner of a butter factory
Bringer Faendrig - Warrant officer
Brouwer - Brewer
Chef - Station-master
Coiffeur - Hairdresser
Colporteur - Canvasser, hawker
Commissaris - Commissioner, chief constable
Cuyper - Barrel Maker
Dagloner - Day laborer
Deurwaarder - Doorman, Usher
Dienstbode - Maid servant
Dienstknecht - Hand servant
Dienstmeid - Maid-servant
Fabrikant - Manufacturer or owner of a factory
Gepensionerd - Retired
Grofsmid - Blacksmith
Handarbeider - Labourer
Handelaar - Salesman, broker
Heelmeester - Physician
Hengstenhouder - Owner of stallions
Herbergier - Innkeeper
Herder - Shepherd
Horlogemaker - Watchmaker
Houtzager - Sawyer
Huishoudster - Housekeeper
Ingenieur - Civil Engineer
Jager - Hunter
Kantoorbediende - Office worker, clerk
Kantwerkster - Lace worker
Kapelaan - Chaplain
Kastelein - Innkeeper or Bartender, Publican
Keukenmeid - Cook's helper
Kleermaker - Tailor
Kleinlandman - Small-scale farmer
Klompmaker - Maker of wooden shoes
Knecht - Assistant, apprentice
Koehouder - Cattle farmer
Koetsier - Coachman
Koewachter - Cowherd
Kok - Cook
Koopman - Salesman, merchant
Kroeghouder - Owner of a bar or cafe
Landarbeider - Agricultural laborer
Landbouwer - Farmer, agriculturalist
Landman - Farmer
Landvrouw - Farmer's wife
Leerling - Apprentice
Letterzetter - Compositor, typesetter
Leurder/Leurster - Hawker
Logementhouder - Hotel or lodging house operator
Machinist - Engine driver
Marsdrager - Pedlar, hawker
Matroos - Sailor
Mattenmaker - Mat maker
Meid - Maid
Metselaar - Mason
Milicien Soldaat - Soldier
Molenaar - Miller
Molenaarsknecht - Miller's helper
Monteur - Mechanic
Mutsenmaakster - Maker of caps, bonnets
Naaister - Seamstress
Onderwijzer - Teacher
Particulier(e) - Self-employed person
Plafondwerker - Maker of ceilings
Polderwerker - Worker in a Polder
Pottenbakker - Potter
Rademaker - Wheelmaker
Schaapherder - Sheepherder
Schepen - Sheriff
Schilder - House painter
Schipper - Skipper
Schippersknecht - Skipper's assistant
Schoemaker - Shoemaker
Schoolmeester - Schoolmaster, Teacher
Sjouwer - Porter
Slachter - Butcher
Slager - Butcher
Smid - Blacksmith
Smidsknecht - Smith's assistant
Snoeier - Pruner, trimmer
Spoorbeambte - Railroad employee
Stoker - Fireman
Strandwerker - Beachworker
Suikerwerker - Maker of confectionaries, Candymaker
Tapper - Tavern keeper
Tapster - Tavern keper, Publican
Timmerman - Carpenter
Touwslager - Rope maker
Tuinier - Gardener
Varensgezel - Seaman
Veehouder - Cattle farmer
Veldwerker - Fieldhand, laborer
Verpleger/Verpleegster - Nurse
Vissersknecht - Fisherman's assistant
Voerman - Driver, carrier
Vrachtrijder - Lorrydriver, carrier
Wagenmaker - Cartwright, wagonmaker
Werkman - Male Laborer
Werkmeid/Werkster - Charwoman
Werkvrouw - Female Labourer
Winkelbediende - Shop Assistant
Winkelier/Winkelierster - Shopkeeper
Yker/IJker - Inspector of weights and measurers
Zager - Sawyer
Zakenman - Businessman
Zeeman - Mariner
Zilversmid - Silversmith