Friday, July 10, 2009

1,000th Cousin Contact

1,000 extended cousins have now contacted me after finding my websites. Years ago, I wondered if the effort to create the sites was worth the investment of time. I wish all of my investments had such fantastic returns.

Slow Joe The contacts have been mutually beneficial for all of us. I share information that I've found about our joint family during my lifetime of research and they share information that they have inherited or have found in their own ancestral quest.

All of us have unique perspectives and advantages of local resources and family knowledge. The combination of our efforts in continued research always produces more than the sum of our two data repositories. Perhaps it is generated by the spark of renewed interest resulting from our contact, but it is probably due to many factors especially the complimentary engagement of our skills and perspectives.

If you are reading this you are probably already using the Internet and social tools focused in genealogy in your own quest. If you aren't enjoying a lot of contacts yet, don't give up. Keep posting your successes, your brick wall lineages and the surnames and locations you are researching.

Help others if you can. You'll always receive substantial interest from this investment of your time, talents and resources.