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Dirck and Frans Hals - Dutch Master Artists

My 10th great grandfather, Dirck Hals and his more famous brother, Frans were Dutch Master artists. Born in Haarlem, Netherlands in the late 1500's, both gained fame for their work although Frans was the more commercially successful and best remembered of the two brothers.

Dirck Hals was probably a student of his older brother, the famous artist, Frans.  Other painters who influenced Dirck were Esaias van de Velde and Willem Buytewech.

Apart from a few portraits, he devoted himself exclusively to the painting of conversation pieces of the cheerful domestic life of prosperous burghers in their houses or gardens.

Less famous than this brother Frans, Dirck was not interested in the serious side of life. His work depicted people in conversation, while flirting, making music, dancing, eating and drinking.

His interiors are often not fully worked out, but rather have an emphasis on fashionable dress and colorful representations.

Dirck's art succeeded in putting across people's high spirits through facial expression, costly dress, posture and loose grouping.

A sample of Dirck's paintings are shown in the photo group below:


Frans and Dirck were the sons of the Franchoijs Hals, from Malinas, and Adriaentgen van Geertenrijck, originally of Amberes, Netherlands.  Also included in the family was their younger brother, Joost.  All of the brothers were born in Haarlem, Netherlands and all were artists. Joost's work was never as popular as his brothers and it is rarely found today.

After the census of 1585, their parents do not appear in further census records in Amberes. They probably emigrated, along with many other citizens, when Spanish troops occupied the city on 17th of August. The group of emigrants were undoubtedly looking for refuge from religious persecutions by the Spanish and fled to Haarlem, Netherlands.

Much of Dirck’s art is still found today, however, a larger number of paintings by Frans has survived the ages. The Frans Hals Museum is located in Haarlem and is a big attraction to artists worldwide.  A statue of Frans in found one of the city parks of that city.

Samples of Frans work are shown in the photo group below:



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