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Abram Bennett – Reverend and State Senator

Bennett Abram 2 (2).jpgThe Grandson of a Revolutionary War heroAbram Bennett was born March 10, 1819 in Warren County, Ohio.  He died on March 11, 1906, aged 87 years and one day in Troy, Kansas.

Abram was also known as Abraham in many records and among his family.

Abram was a veteran of the Civil War.  He married to Rachel Anderson June 30, 1839. The couple had eleven children; eight boys and three girls.  

At the time of his death on 11 March 1906, seven were living; five boys and two girls; George, of Warsaw, Missouri, Silas and David, of Mercur, Utah, Robert of Alpine, Utah, Charles, of Valentine, Nebraska, Mary Camp, of Kirwin, Kansas; and Mary Downing of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

His wife, Rachel Anderson Bennett, died Dec. 21, 1893 in Troy, Kansas.

He first came to Kansas from Ohio in 1856 with General Jim Lane and later brought his family to Doniphan County to live.

Abram served as the Chaplin of a Kansas regiment of militia and was for several years very active in church matters.  He was appointed as the Kickapoo Indian Agent by the President of the United States after moving to Kansas.  Later, Abram was elected as a Kansas State Representative and State Senator.

For fourteen years he was a minister of the gospel and assisted in the organization of several churches in this part of the country among which was the M. E. Church in Troy. At the time of his death, he was a member of the Lutheran church.

He was a member of the company that organized the town of Moray and was its first merchant.

His funeral services were conducted at the Moray church at 2 p.m. on Thursday, March 15, 1906 by the Rev. J. B. Vernon and his body was laid to rest in the Moray cemetery, southwest of Troy.


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