Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shades of the Departed Genealogy Magazine

Like most folks, I tell others in my circle about “Great Buys”, “Feature Rich”, “High Value” items that I encounter in my daily life.  Word of Mouth continues to be the most effective selling tool in the world.

We don’t pass our praises out lightly because our reputation and veracity are inextricably entwined with the words and actions that emanate from our being.

Shades_of_the_departedWith that in mind, I highly recommend Shades Of The Departed digital magazine to any and all persons interested in family history and genealogy. 

I am not involved in the publication other than faithfully reading each issue but believe me, this is a “Great Buy”, “Feature Rich”, “High Value” publication. 

I would be seriously remiss in not passing on the knowledge of this gem to my family and friends.

To date, the publication is free.  Just go to the Shades site in Issuu and plan on spending an hour or two of enthralled reading and notetaking for each issue.

The Grand dame, originator, publisher, artist and heavy lifter is none other than the footNote Maven, a well-known author, speaker and genealogy expert who lives in the Pacific Northwest.  Joining her with monthly articles are the well-known genealogy and subject matter experts: Denise Levenick, writing under the nom de plume “Penelope Dreadful”, Vickie Everhart, George Geder, Denise Olson, Sheri Fenley, Caroline Pointer, Rebecca Fenning, Craig Mason, Heather Rojo and Donna Pointkouski.

Shades is a world-class publication, full of insightful, interesting and extremely informative articles that will help and instruct anyone interested in family history as well as being an excellent read for those poor souls who haven’t been bitten by the genealogy bug -- yet.

I’ve been involved in genealogy research for over fifty-five years and thought I knew a lot of ‘stuff’ only to have the truth ratified yet again after reading the first issue of Shades …. I don’t know much, but the writers in Shades are ready and able teachers, willing to teach even old dogs new tricks.

Family history fans … read Shades. 

There, by my count, I’ve said or implied that you should read Shades of the Departed three times.  

How does the saying go? ….   I tell you once, I tell you twice … I tell you three times…  Amen to you on that subject.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and read the issues of Shades.  You’ll love the content, masterful design and presentation.  If you haven’t moved into the world of digital magazine publishing before …  Welcome!  … You just crossed over.


footnoteMaven said...

Thank you so much for this lovely article. Shades has a great group of columnists and contributors. When you work hard, for the love of it, it is so rewarding to be appreciated.

And thank you for being such a loyal reader and commenter. We do it for you, but we couldn't do it without you.

We will work to continue to deliver.