Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dashing and Daring Young Men

One of the opportunities associated with the acquisition of old photos is the pleasure of posting the images in locations where they can be seen by others.

An old shoe box of them was included in the family history collection that my mother gave me.  The photos are of family neighbors and friends taken in the late 1800’s and first two decades of the 1900’s.

Even though they were precious to her, she wasn’t afraid to write on them, even listing names on the bodies of the individuals in the images.  I wish she had written the list of names on a piece of note paper and tucked it into the cardboard frames associated with photos from that era.

Four of the photos in the group are of young men who grew up in American Fork, Utah.  They were obviously the dashing, daring young men in and about town. 

Alfred Chadwick, Earl and Les Cunningham comprised the trio of young fashionistia’s. The dating of the photos is fairly simple given the doughboy uniform worn by Earl in one of the images.  A handsome young man in the World War I uniform of a soldier would have been very attractive to a young woman, even if she was still in her single digit ages.

From days gone by, the young men are now in pose for the admiration of women everywhere and the jealousy of their men.





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