Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Drowning of Edward Burgess

Edward Burgess, the young son of the famous yacht builder, William Starling Burgess and Rosamond Tudor, drowned on a summer day in 1914.

His father, “Starling” left Harvard in his senior year to create his own yacht design firm.  He had inherited his fathers intellect and love of speed and the sea.

I haven’t discovered the exact circumstances surrounding the accidental drowning of young Edward, but his death certificate states that he was lost on 24 Jun 1914 at Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Edward is buried in the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts by his mother and half-s9ster.


Unknown said...

Edward's father, W. Starling Burgess had a pet seal. The story is that Edward was playing with the seal and drowned. Young Edward was my uncle. Starling was my grandfather. Edward's sister was the illustrator Tasha Tudor. I have a photo of Starling and the seal. "Wo".

Unknown said...

My grandfather, Starling Burgess, had a Seal named, "Wo". The stories is that young Edward was playing with the seal and the seal knocked him over accidentally and the boy must have hit his head and drowned. He was 8 years old and being a Burgess had to have been an excellent swimmer. I have a photo of the Seal.