Monday, May 13, 2013

When Aliens Enter Your Ancestral Tree

Almost six years after taking a DNA test to help some cousins who hoped to tie to myflying_saucer2 proven lineage, there still aren’t any matches to their branch of the family … or to any other known family on earth apparently.

My genealogy friends constantly bombard me with notes about the DNA matches that surface to their own DNA ancestral trees.  They laugh with delight relating stories of lost cousins coming out of the woodwork offering to join with them in cousins research teams.  The research progress in some cases has been nothing short of phenomenal.

I rejoice with them happy for their success but in truth with a bit of sadness that my progenitors from Sagittarius or the Large Magellanic Cloud don’t drop by and leave a report of my lineage on an indestructible disk or Vulcan mind transfer.

It has been enjoyable listening to experts tell me that my DNA results are impossible or at least extremely unlikely.   At times, it almost seems that face-to-face contact and handshakes aren’t enough to prove the reality of my existence to them.  I laugh at the expression on their face when I wish them well asking them to contact me after they are ‘taken up’ to the mother ship  and the big eyed guys on it teach them about DNA on a galactic scale.

Of course it could be that I descend from a hidden race that has lived in the frozen north of Siberia or the tropical heat of the Amazon or maybe just the backwaters of Devonshire.  Who knows? 

If I can’t enjoy the benefits of DNA tree matching, at least have a good story to tell from the testing process.

How are you doing with your own DNA tests?  Are you finding extended cousins and locations where your ancestors congregated?  Test results come back a lot faster now than when I took my test.  The DNA test results databases have grown remarkably giving us a much greater chance of find ‘our’ related kin.

I’ll watch for the next planetary or astronomical alignment then look skyward for a descending spacecraft that is bringing the answers to my own DNA questions.   When that happens, I’ll try to post the results.  Don’t put off doing something you need to do waiting for that day though….  You could die of old age while waiting in place….

Live long and prosper…