Thursday, October 17, 2013

History of the Joseph's coat rose bush

Joseph's Coat Roses
People have been impressed with the size and quality of my Jacob's coat rose bush.  Here is the history of my bush.
It was originally planted  by my Great Grandmother Mary Ann Limb Young on her farm in Huntington, Utah.  She planted it from a start her mother gave her when she got married.  This was from Beaver, Utah.  She lived in a log cabin on the farm.  She later moved a start to her first home in Huntington Utah.
When my grandmother and grandfather Young moved into her house, she gave starts to her daughter-in-laws.  My mother got her first start when we moved into a home in Edgemont Utah.  She later took a start to her two homes in American Fork.
When she moved into her condo in American Fork Utah.  I dug up the whole plant and moved it to our house in American Fork.  I later took a start to Orangeville, Utah where it grew for two years.  When we moved into our new home.  I took the plant with me.  It has grown in this spot for 25 years.
Some of my daughters have taken starts of this plant.  Some have grown and some haven't.  I hope to save some starts for my grandchildren.  That will be seven generations that will benefit from this one rose bush.