Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Leiden Birth, Baptisms and Deaths

I recently wrote about my Staats and Corssen ancestors, noting how pleased Iarchiefleiden_site was that church records exist for most of them in early New York Dutch church records.

One of my readers, Yvette Hoitink of the Dutch Genealogy site, sent me a kind note that pointed me to to the site that contains birth, baptism and marriage records for folks who lived in The Netherlands.   For some reason, I haven’t encountered this site before but it is so valuable, I need to share it with the genealogy community hoping that it will come to the attention of folks like me who are or were equally ignorant of its existence.

I use the Chrome browser with the Google Translate extension to convert the language to English because I’m language challenged.  Almost everyone will benefit from it as we encounter languages that we either can’t read or can’t read and don’t speak.

If your ancestors lived in The Netherlands during their lifetime, you’ll want to visit the Archiefleiden site soon to look for records about them.  While you are at it, be sure to visit Yvette’s site as well.