Friday, January 3, 2014

Plot Your Ancestors With RootsMapper

If you’ve been watching the number of FamilySearch Partners grow over the past year, you know that the partner count has hit an impressive level.

One of the favorite partners to help researchers envision the migratory paths of their ancestors is RootsMapper.

Simply log in to your FamilySearch account using the link on the RootsMapper site and it will query the FamilySearch – Family Tree database for your ancestors and plot their birth and death locations on a world map.




Click on a location do to see all of the records associated with that location





Then click on a dot again to see the information about specific people.




Before you begin, be sure to visit Family Tree and create enough records to tie you to your closest ancestors in time, (probably your grandparents).  Accounts on FamilySearch / Family Tree are free.