Friday, January 3, 2014

Use Tree Connect to Add Sources to Family Tree

Adding sources to FamilyTree from websites is simple using Tree Connect by RecordSeek

Adding the link to Tree Connect to your browser tool bar is simple too .  Drag the Tree Connect icon to the tool bar in your browser and the install is complete.  You now a link to the tool just a click away.

Let’s explore how it works using a memorial on Find-a-grave as an example of a source to add to a record in FamilySearch’s Family Tree program.

I went to the record of my ancestor that I’d created earlier on Find-a-grave.




Next, I opened a new tab and went to his record on Family Tree and copied his record number.  LHDD-DTX




Then I went back to the first tab and clicked on the Tree Connect link on my tool bar.  In the popup window, I logged in using my Family Tree credentials.

Then the Tree Connect window changed to show the source details for the Find-a-grave memorial. 




I changed the description at the bottom to my own verbiage and clicked Save.




In the new Tree Connect window, I pasted grandpa’s Family Tree record number in the bottom field and hit Search.  If I didn’t have his record number, I could have searched for him in Family Tree using the search fields.




The search obviously found his record in Family Tree.  All I had to do was click on his name to select his record.




Then I went to his record on Family Tree and looked at the Sources section on grandpa’s record.  There it is, the source I’d just added and it was formatted perfectly!




How simple was that?  Sources from any web page can be added the same way.  Be sure the source page will probably exist for an extended period of time or your effort is wasted and will cause you and the folks who follow your link to be frustrated.

Thanks Record Seek!  You made my life a whole lot easier and probably increased my likely hood of adding more sources to my family records on Family Tree than I probably normally would have included on Family Tree.