Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sharing Memories on FamilySearch

If you attended RootsTech 2014 or have been paying attention to the changes on Family Tree, you know that photos and stories have a very high profile in the FamilySearch genealogy focus.   

FamilySearch emphasizes photos and stories noting that they are an integral component of genealogy research.  They have renamed the focus to Memories.

They are right.  Photos and stories add the leaves and scenery to our otherwise bare family tree.


Preserve Your Photos and Family Memories with #FamilySearch


FamilySearch has created a video lesson complete with handouts called “Quick Start to Photos and Stories” to help us share images and tell the stories about our ancestors. 

If you haven’t added photos and stories to the records of your ancestors on Family Tree, take some time to do so and enjoy those added by others.

An added benefit in this process is that FamilySearch securely stores backup copies of your data and photos in their granite vault storage site.  The photos and stories you’ve added to Family Tree will undoubtedly live longer than we will and will be available for our children and our children's children.