Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FamilySearch ~ Family Tree ~ New Feature ~ Attach Historical Records to Multiple Records

FamilySearch released a new tool for their Family Tree Program on 16 April 2014 that lets users attach a source their records collections to multiple people at the same time.

Users use the normal method of finding sources for a record in Family Tree using the typical right click on "Search Records" on the right side of the screen.




In the new tab, you search through the sources that pertain to the record in Family Tree that you have open.   Right click on the name of the person in one of the sources to open it in a new tab for review.  If the record pertains to your person, click on the "Attach to Family Tree" link on the right side of the screen.

The "Attach Historical Records to Family Tree" tool pops up if there source may apply to multiple people in a family.  Click to open it and then compare the record to family members.

The new source attachment screen shows the individual in the record and their spouse in the example below.  I attached the 1910 census record to the record.   (click o enlarge images)




Then tool then gave me the option to Detach it or to add it to another person in the source which is thinks is member of the family.   In this case, it was Lulu Matilda Trane Robinson, the wife of Heber Edward Robinson.




All I had to do to attach the source to her record was click on the “Add” link.




And then the “Attach” link to attach it to her record.




The source now shows that it is attached to both records.




If the source applied to other members of the family, the info tabs change to show the number of probable matches in each category’ children, siblings, other, and of course, parents.

I have a couple of wishes that should be part of the tool.

1. In the new tool, let me see what sources have already been attached to the record.  I don’t want to add the 1930 census to all of the family again if it already exists on their respective records.

2. Add a ‘Close’ button so I don’t have to close the tab.   It’s not a big deal, but having to click on the close tab “X” breaks the flow of the screen.  The close box button should be at the bottom of the tool.

Over all, I really like the new tool and will use it constantly.   Visit FamilySearch Family Tree and give it a tool.   I think you’ll like it too.