Thursday, May 15, 2014

Scan Your Genealogy Photos and Documents to FamilySearch

FamilySearch recently announced the acquisition of over 2,800 Lexmark MFP scannerscanners that are being placed in their family history centers.  The scanners have been specially modified with a one-touch button that goes directly to the log in page.  Scan your ancestral photos and documents and they are uploaded directly to a folder in your FamilySearch account.

The program resolve a number of issues that have haunted genealogists for years.

  1. A long term safe (free) storage repository or our photos and documents
  2. A great scanner and related software
  3. An Internet connection
  4. No Cost

Once the images are uploaded, you can access them from any Internet connected computer and add them to related ancestral records on Family Tree to document your ancestors.

Save a copy of your scans to a thumb drive at the branch library or from your account on FamilySearch. 

It is yet another solution by FamilySearch to resolve a genealogy problem.