Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Your Genealogy Research Isn’t Done!

If anyone tells me that all their genealogy research is done one more time, I think I'lllook_it_up book them on the head to get their attention.

I honestly thought that I'd found all of the descendants of a gggrand uncle on four separate occasions, only to find that I was grossly wrong after being prompted to look 'one more time'.

It happened again last night and I am still mystified by the fact that I found more people.  Not just one or two but dozens.

I told my wife that if someone else told me the story and if I fully understood how much research had been done to warrant the Done statement only to have it proven wrong over and over, I wouldn't believe the story at all.  Yet, here I am and it is  happening to me.  I sit with my mouth open in amazement and wonder every time the discoveries start up again.

It literally feels like a rock starting to pour water out of its already wrung out carcass.

Seriously, it takes my breath away when it happens.  I struggle to accept let alone believe what I'm finding, yet the primary source documents are on the screen defying my understanding of reality.

I know that I've gone through that family with a fine tooth comb repeatedly and that the harvest was complete...  Done.   Nothing left.   Only to later find forty acres had been overlooked somehow.

That's Impossible!  Yet, there it is as clear as day.  Perhaps I'm seeing with a new set of eyes and with a mind that has been freed of certain constraints?  Yes, and you know why.

Good stuff but don't let me hear someone say "All my genealogy research is done!". Bonk!  " Did I get your attention?" "It isn't done". "Go back to work and stop fighting what you should be seeing and finding."  "Look at the task once again from another perspective."