Sunday, October 18, 2015

Using ZenWriter for Blog Posts

If you are like me, the weekend arrives and you need to create a series of posts for your blog and other writing tasks.  You settle in planning to write up a storm and then something catches your eye and off your mind goes down the rabbit hole.

Does this happen to you too?  It often happens to me.  Those of us with multiple monitors are exposed to even more distractions than folks without the wrap around eye candy.  However, we all have distractions with email notifications, messaging, Skype and Google Hangout calls and many other popup distractions.

There are days when it is hard to concentrate long enough to finish a single post, let alone seven or more.

Is there a solution?  Yes.  There is.  I'd heard others mention ZenWriter noting that it is an almost extreme productivity tool.   I thought they may have been just waxing eloquent until I tried using it and now here I am waxing eloquent myself.

Why is it so useful?  Why is it better than just shutting down all other applications and launching just your favorite writing tool?


ZenWriter is well named.  It presents a writing environment that is conducive to productivity without distraction.


zenwrtrer 1


How is that accomplished?

There are few editing tools to worry about.  The backgrounds are peaceful scenes and ZenWriter even includes its own music player and music library.


zenwriter 2


The background can be changed from dark to light with a single click.


zenwriter 3


zenwriter 4


I've added some of my own music to the music library.  I find that background music keeps my mind quietly active while it churns over the topics and subsequent text of future posts.  You can also add your own images to the image library.

I’m not getting any compensation tor writing about Zen Writer.  Read more about them on their blog.

Give ZenWriter a try if you'd like  to enjoy an environment where you can 'Zen out' and create  masterful blog posts.

Posted 18 October 2015 by Lee R. Drew on Lineagekeeper’s Genealogy Blog