Thursday, September 10, 2015

Accidental Shooting Death of Andrew Bennett

Andrew J. Bennett, seventeen-year-old son of the prominent Obadiah Miller and Hannah Margaret Graham Bennett was accidentally killed by his close friend Russell Igo at the Igo residence while looking at a new shotgun.

Russell said he accidentally pulled the trigger causing the shotgun to fire and strike Andrew in the neck.  Andrew was killed almost instantly.. 

Andrew’s death was a tragedy for his family and for Russell and the Igo family.  The shock of it almost killed Russell as he went into violent convulsions in his grief.

Andrew was born on 3 Feb 1888 in Fairfield, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  He was the seventh of twelve children in Obadiah and Hannah’s family.  His father was a well-known cabinet maker, furniture store owner and undertaker. 


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Posted 10 September 2015 by Lee R. Drew on Lineagekeeper’s Genealogy Blog