Sunday, January 30, 2011

Transcript For Genealogy Transcriptions

We all have favorite utility programs that we use without even thinking of them.  They add a dimension of functionality and time savings that are not only measureable but exciting if we stop to think about them.

One of my favorite genealogy utility programs is Transcript that was written by Jacob Boerema.  It is free for personal use but any donations would certainly be welcomed by Jacob as he works to extend the functions in the program.

I use Transcript constantly.  Like Pavlov’s dogs, I’ve self-trained myself that whenever I see an image on the screen that needs to be transcribed I automatically launch Transcript without apparent conscious thought. 

Here’s why Transcript will quickly become a favorite application for you too:

1. You can see an image and transcribe it in the same working frame. 

With a census document:

2. Transcript has a very full set of tools for text, including every type of setting that I’ve ever used for genealogical transcriptions

3. There are a functional set of image tools that meet the need of improving the readability issues encountered by genealogists in the old, gray, grainy, smudged images of documents from days of yore.

The application offers many more tools than I’ll mention here but you can see them on the Transcript site here.

As a community, we owe Jacob a big THANKS!  Try Transcript to transcribe some of your research document images and I’m sure you’ll also feel the same way.


Caro said...

I came here via the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog: Thanks so much for telling us about this really helpful software. I'm off to try it out.

Kirsty F Wilkinson said...

Does anyone know if there is any similar software for a Mac? I love Transcript and can run it on my Mac using Parallels or Crossover but both of these options are a bit of a hassle.


Unknown said...

Wow! This is great software. I have been doing a lot of transcriptions lately and this would have made it so much easier. Thanks for the tip!

Leah Kleylein said...

Thanks for the tip, I had never heard of this before!

Unknown said...

I seriously had no idea such a wonderful tool existed! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm getting it asap.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if instead of transcription onto a WORDS document , can it be done with a spreadsheet like Excel ??

Lee Drew said...

Transcript only has a text output to an .rtf or .doc type file format. Of course, you could copy and paste that data into an excel spreadsheet if you are using one.

Anonymous said...

I use GenScriber for transcribing tabular data. It works similar to Transcript, but it uses a spreadsheet style input.
It is also free. There are other useful free genealogy applications at their website.