Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Went To Columbia. Got A Tooth Pulled.

David Lewis Drew’s diary entries for October 1856 continued to reflect the end of his career of exclusively looking for gold. 

His days were spent maintaining the claim, getting his tooth pulled, visiting other miners and writing letters to family and friends that he would never see again back home in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The weather was cooling off as fall was turning into winter in the low Sierra Nevadas.


October 1856.

WEDNESDAY 1, -- Went up the hill this morning to haul down some lumber but it had not come.

THURSDAY 2, -- Went up after letters. Wrote a letter to Fred Drew and one to Farther.

Gold flume FRIDAY 3, -- Commenced hauling down lumber this morning.

SATURDAY 4, -- Finished hauling down lumber this forenoon. Did not work this afternoon.  Went up to Columbia about night.

SUNDAY 5, -- Took a ride down to Sonora. We had quite a rain last night. (This last sentence is crossed out).

MONDAY 6, -- Weather is A getting cool.

TUESDAY 7, -- Did not work this afternoon.

WEDNESDAY 8, -- Done nothing to day.

THURSDAY 9, -- Went down to Sonora to the Republican convention. We had quite a shower last night.

FRIDAY 10, -- Worked this forenoon but had to wate for spouts this afternoon.

SATURDAY 11, -- Cool weather now.  Days feel like winter.

SUNDAY 12, -- Went up on Shaws Flat to day.

MONDAY 13, -- Went to work on the flume again this morning.

TUESDAY 14, -- Finished puting up boxes this afternoon.

WEDNESDAY 15, -- Caulked boxes to day.

THURSDAY 16, -- Did not work to day. Len went this morning after letters. Wrote to Charles Wadsworth and Sally Ann to day.

FRIDAY 17, -- Went to Sonora to day.

SATURDAY 18, -- Loafed around home today. 
It is uncertain as to whether David had just given up working, or, more likely, the water conditions just didn't justify trying to "wash" the dirt on their river claim.

SUNDAY 19, -- Went up on shaw flat.

MONDAY 20, -- Commenced getting wood to day.

TUESDAY 21, -- Finished cutting wood and hauled it across the river.

WEDNESDAY 22, -- Sawed and split up our wood to day.

THURSDAY 23, -- Went up to Columbia this afternoon and got a tooth pulled. tooth key

FRIDAY 24, -- Rainey to day. Cut up a little pine wood.

SATURDAY 25, -- Had the tooth acre last night, and did not feel very well to day.

SUNDAY 26, -- Stayed at home to day for the first time in a good while.

MONDAY 27, -- Went up to the republican meeting this eavening but it did not come off.

TUESDAY 28, -- Went up to town this eavening.

WEDNESDAY 29, -- Went A gunning a little while.

THURSDAY 30, -- Went up on the Flat this afternoon.

FRIDAY 31, -- Went A gunning this morning and got a few quales.