Thursday, July 17, 2014

The FamilySearch Genealogy Mobile App

FamilySearch released two mobile apps on July 15th, 2014 that genealogists will love.  

FamilySearch Tree

The FamilySearch Tree app interfaces with Family Tree and presents the data with a pleasant nimbleness. 

Available for both iOS and Android, Family Tree provides numerous views of the data ranging from details, spouses, parents, sources, photos, stories to audio and charts.  

Navigation is simple with the touch on a name, location or photo or scrolling menu link.. 




Stories and Audio must be uploaded via the FamilySearch website unless you have an iOS device and have the Memories app installed.





The Memories app is only available for iOS,which is unfortunate given the huge Android user base.  FamilySearch noted that they were thinking of writing the app for android but at present it is nothing more than design mock up images.

With Memories, users can record and directly upload audio files, write and upload stories and take and upload photos directly to your ancestors records.



Photos can also be snapped and uploaded with the Family Tree app in both operating platforms in both the Photos and Sources mode..  Currently, there aren’t editing tools in the FamilySearch App or on Family Tree for these images, so you’ll want to experiment with taking “perfectly” framed photos before you use the app to upload an image to Family Tree.  I don’t have an iOS device to test at time of this post but hope that the Memories app includes editing tools.




Read more details about the apps on the FamilySearch Blog

‘Take them for a spin.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with their quick response and fairly full feature set.  Most users will join with me hoping that the missing features in the Family Tree app and Android version of the Memories app are soon added to the collection.

The apps are free.  Download them through the App stores.  .