Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dinner At Haddo House

Working on my Gordon Ancestry is always enjoyable and frustrating at the same time.  Enjoyable because there is a lot of information written about the family in general.  Frustrating because the surname was frequently adopted by others thus making lineal research all the more difficult.

References to family living at Haddo or having titles and ownership with Haddo in the name string crops up with some frequency.  Although I have long been familiar with the title, I hadn't taken the time to search for the exact location of the home.

Google Maps made the search easy and fast.


Wikipedia offered further insight including a very nice painting by Alfred Edward Emslie of a dinner that was held there.  I don't think that I have never attended dinner with real class yet ... at least I've never chatted around the table with a good set of bagpipes playing in the background.


Posted 15 Jul 2015 by Lee R. Drew on Lineagekeeper’s Genealogy Blog